Junior Product Manager Ace Candeggina

  • Led a complex project involving the Marketing, R&D and Manufacturing departments to launch “Ace Gentile”, an innovative product and positioning in the mature Italian bleach market for laundry.
  • Organized the pre-launch test in the Food Channel including the merchandising activities to support the Trade (leaflets and animations).
  • Executed the plans to expand geographically the Ace mother brand in Morocco and Egypt building on the acquisition of a leading local brand (Javisol) in the bleach market.




Business Unit focused on selling medical devices for Soft Tissue Repair in the hospital channel with Euro 40 million total revenues and an organization of about 60 people.

  • Full P&L responsibility for plus Euro 40 million total sales in Italy, Germany, UK and France with growth rates of 20-25% per year.
  • Management of a multi-country organization made of 35 sales reps, 4 Country Managers, 4 Product Managers and 1 Financial Controller.
  • Worked on the “due diligence” and integrated the acquisitions of 2 U.S. companies: De Puy Orthotech and Innovasive Devices.



Division Director, J&J Home Care in Italy, reporting to the Managing Director Italy. A Division focused on selling a line of products for Health Care at home with 5 direct sales reps, 60 shared sales agents, 1 Marketing Manager, 1 Financial Controller and 1 Personal Assistant.

  • Full P&L responsibility for Euro 10 million total sales.
  • Operating start-up of the new Division in Italy.
  • Created a multi-product portfolio across different J&J Divisions including Duragesic (Janssen-Cilag), One-Touch (Lifescan), Neutrogena Skin Care (J&J Pharma), and a line of Wound Care products (J&J Medical Products). Additionally, the line has been completed with Rehabilitation products as part of a distribution agreement signed with a leading Italian manufacturer.
  • Organized a direct sales force of 5 reps calling on private Home Care organizations.
  • Shared the sales force of 60 commission agents of the J&J Pharma Division to distribute the line of products among independent Retail Pharmacies in Italy.
  • Created a dedicated Direct Home Delivery Channel managed by an outsourced Toll-Free Number at a Call Centre. The Toll-Free number acted as order entry to deliver the J&J products at home and to offer information services.



Product Manager Professional Health Care Division, Italy. Promoted Senior Product Manager in 1994, reporting to the Group Product Manager and managing 1 Junior PM and 1 Personal Assistant.

  • Profitably managed 3 lines of products (Haemostats, Athletic Bandages and Wound Dressings) with total sales of Euro 20 million.
  • Repositioned the Athletic Care line in the Sport Channel signing an exclusive distribution contract with a leading Sport Wholesaler focused on Sport Outlets in Italy. Achieved incremental sales of Euro 500,000 in 9 months.
  • Repositioned the line of J&J Wound Dressings in the Pharmacy Channel signing a co-selling contract with the J&J Pharma Division and sharing its sales force of commission agents calling on independent pharmacies in Italy. Achieved incremental sales of Euro 350,000 in 9 months.
  • Recommended to Corporate the acquisition of a Danish brand (Spongostan) to complete the line of J&J Haemostats in order to reinforce its leadership in the Italian market. The acquisition has brought incremental sales of Euro 3 million.



Managing Director, Europe

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer in the USA and managing the following organization:

1 Marketing Assistant supporting Trade Marketing and the Key Accounts in Europe.

1 Administrative Assistant responsible for Purchasing and the Operating Expense Budget.

1 Financial Controller responsible for Accounting and Financial Statements (P&L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet).

1 National Account Executive and 2 Field Managers in the UK.

1 National Account Executive in France.

1 Manufacturing Manager in the US.

1 Logistic Manager in the US responsible for Inventory Management and Shipments to the Key Accounts in Europe.

1 Customer Service Manager in the US responsible for Forecast Planning of the Key Accounts in Europe.

1 Quality Control Manager responsible for checking the product returns from Europe and the related financial credits to the Key Accounts.


KPMG Fides Fiduciaria S.p.A. has been appointed to Audit and Certificate the Financial Statements of the European Branch.

  • Operational start-up of the business and sales growth up to Euro 20 million in 2 years. Full P&L and Balance Sheet responsibility.
  • 80 Boots Hearing Care stores opened in the UK with total retail sales of Euro 15 million growing at a 50% yearly rate.
  • 15 Optic 2000 (leading Optical Chain) stores selling Songbird in France as part of a pre-National launch test. Contractually, Optic 2000 was prepared to sell Songbird in 100 stores in France with a business plan to achieve Euro 20 million retail sales in 5 years.
  • Signed a Letter of Intent with the Angelini Pharmaceuticals Group, leading company in the OTC market in Italy and Spain, anticipating the signature of an Exclusive Distribution Agreement by 2003 to sell Songbird in a selected number of pharmacies in Italy and Spain.
  • Worked together with Bank of America Venture Partners on the “due diligence” to secure a final round of financing of Euro 25 million.
  • Significantly improved the Net Income in the UK: 1) launching Songbird Digital as a second generation of product with a 18% premium price vs. the original analogical version, 2) decreasing the credits for returns to Boots by changing the commercial policy (no more “100% satisfied or fully reimbursed”) and improving the quality of the product.
  • Recommended an appropriation of Euro 250,000 to modify the technical features of the product. The technical changes have been implemented to increase consumer long-term loyalty moving the repurchase rate from 50% to 60%.


2004 – 2008 | ROYAL NUMICO – DANONE

Dutch multinational, food manufacturer with leading positions in Baby Food and Medical Nutrition.

  • President, Southern Europe in the Medical Nutrition Division. Reporting to the President Worldwide.
  • President and CEO Nutricia Italia S.p.A., the Financial Holding controlling both Mellin S.p.A. (Baby Food) and Nutricia S.p.A. (Medical Nutrition) in the Italian market.
  • Member of the Executive Board, Medical Nutrition Division. Key decisions taken in the areas of Operations, R&D, Acquisitions, Divestments and Worldwide Organization.


  • Full P&L and Balance Sheet responsibility in 7 countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Belgium, Turkey. Total revenues, including Mellin Baby Food in Italy, are almost € 500 million and more than 600 employees. Direct reports are the Managing Directors in each country, the Regional CFO and an Executive Assistant.
  • Surpassed the yearly objectives for Sales and EBITA, transforming Southern Europe in the number one Region in the Medical Nutrition Division worldwide. Sales have reached 12-14% CAGR from 2003 till present, ahead of total market growth in the same period. Brought Southern Europe from the number three to the number one position in revenues worldwide.
  • Focused the organization on the key Industry drivers: Consumer/Professional marketing and multi-channel distribution (Hospitals, Home Care Organisations, Elderly Homes, Retail Pharmacies, Groceries).
  • Increased market share in all countries. Led France from a number two to a number one position against Nestlè. Consolidated Nutricia’s leading positions in Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Greece and Turkey. Brought Nutricia to a number two position in Spain after 10 years of declining market share.
  • Strengthened the Management Team in each country bringing new skills from hires with solid experience in FMCG or Consumer Health Care.
  • In Italy, managed a plant in outsourcing (Mennucci, Tuscany) to produce the different sku’s under the brand Glutafin (gluten-free products).
  • Recognized changes in the Regulatory environment in Southern Europe and balanced growth between a “prescription-based” business model in France, Greece, Turkey and Spain and a “direct-to-consumer” one in Italy, Portugal and Belgium.
  • As President and CEO in Italy, successfully integrated the newly acquired company Mellin S.p.A. into Numico.
  • Successfully led some countries in managing critical product recalls from the market. Avoided any negative impact to Numico’s image dealing effectively with local Health Care Authorities and the General Public.
  • In 2006, responsible, as member of the Divisional Board, of the Divisional branding. Cleaned and simplified the branding architecture in order to increase focus in the key categories and distribution channels.
  • Led together with Corporate the divestment of a non-strategic business.
  • As part of the Numico Corporate strategy, significantly improved the cash-flow position in each country with focus on decreasing Account Receivables.
  • In Spain, closed the office in Barcelona in order to reinvest the savings into additional A&P spending. The process has been backed by local Unions.
  • In September 2004, one of the Numico presenters to more than 100 Financial Analysts in London. The event has been designed to explain the strategic intent of the Numico Medical Nutrition Division to the Financial Community.


2008 – 2010 | MONTEBOVI GROUP S.p.A.

A family owned and manufacturing company not publicily listed. Operating both in Italy and internationally in the Food & Beverage market.


General Manager. Reporting directly to the Montebovi family. First General Manager appointed in the history of the company.

Full responsibility of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Total revenues of + € 80 million and about 450 employees with 3 manufacturing plants of which 1 in Lazio and 2 in Piemonte. The company sells in both Modern Distribution and Traditional Channels (bars, small groceries) the Montebovi and Bisconova brands and it is a selected supplier for the Private Labels of the Retail Chains. The Functional Directors plus a Personal Assistant are directly reporting to myself.

  • Turnaround of the group EBITDA from negative to +1-2% of sales in 18 months focussing the company on the Sweet Bakery area and Cakes in particular.
  • Created the architecture of the brands Montebovi, Bisconova and Private Label. Started the process of restyling for the historical Montebovi brand.
  • Linked the variable compensation of the sales force and the Functional Directors to the gross margin of specific sku’s and the overall EBITDA target for the year.
  • Reorganized the Group in different business areas with full accountability of the line Directors. Created for the first time the Area Operations linking together the Manufacturing and Logistic organizations.
  • Created for the first time the area Product Innovation focussed on the launch of differentiated new products and on the improvement of the quality of existing ones. Introduced skills and competencies coming from Barilla, a leading Italian Food company.
  • Created an Executive Committee composed by the Entrepreneur, the Chief Financial Officer, the General Manager and an external Advisor (Mr. Vito Varvaro currently Director of Operations for the Della Valle Group and previous General Manager of P&G Italy). The Executive Committee has approved the 2008-2013 Strategic Plan.
  • Introduced Deloitte & Touche as an independent Financial Auditor.
  • Started the sale process of the dry bread manufacturing plant located in Collegno (Piemonte) as not considered a strategic asset.
  • Approved and implemented the construction of a fourth manufacturing line at the Lanuvio plant (Lazio) as a strategic step to produce and sell a new line of Cakes.
  • Started together with the CFO the process of the total debt restructuring with the Italian banks working simultaneously on the overall size reduction and rebalancing toward the medium-long term.
  • Started the reconversion process in Southern Italy from Sales Agents to Wholesalers in the Traditional Channels (bars, small groceries).
  • Focussed the group on the Top Clients of Modern Distribution stressing the importance of both product quality and service to the client.
  • Signed exclusive deals with leading companies outside Italy in order to sell innovative products in the Italian market like the Simpson biscuits (Siro company, Spain) and the Halter candies (Switzerland).
  • Reorganized the Export team focussing its activities only on the E.U. countries.
  • Introduced specific training programmes in the areas of Sales and Marketing.


2010 – 2013 | GFC S.p.A.

President & CEO

An Italian PMI roasting and selling Coffee Blends in the Ho.Re.Ca. market under the brand Caffe’ Fantini. The company is in a severe turnaround process since 2010. It serves the Italian market and selected geographies like Canada, Spain, France and South Africa. The assignment has been completed with a new round of fund raising (debt and equity) and the entrance of new stockholders.


Teacher in the practice of Business Innovation

Advisor to the founder in the seeding phase of the web company

Advisor in the startup phase of the company specialised in e-commerce services

Teacher in the practice of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Teacher at the Master in Strategic Marketing

Teacher in the practice of Entrepreneurship & Management

Advisor to the MD to accelerate sales off-line.