Business Administration

Ing. Pettenello Business Administration connects with Entrepreneurs and Managing Directors of enterprises in Italy or abroad to help them to focus on the correct execution of their short term operating plans in order to generate the resources to invest in innovation and talent development in the long run.


We offer enterprises the service of:


  1. Focus on the business to identify the financial-economic objectives in the next 1-3 years creating a system and culture of Business Controlling based on internal accounting data.
  2. Align the entire organization to reach the business objectives via the Monday morning “operating meeting”.
  3. Create the resources to invest in product and service innovation.
  4. Develop strategic projects:
    • launch a new product/service
    • enter new distribution channels and geographies
    • acquire/sell a company or part of it
  5. Create succession plans for the key managerial positions building also on the 90DAYS individual business coaching sessions.